Nicholson Design Graphic and Web Design Sydney Australia

Website Design & Production

Content Management Solutions

WordPress and Joomla!

Nicholson Design focuses on implementing the world’s most popular free Content Management Systems, WordPress and Joomla!
Both systems deliver flexible, upgradeable websites that are database driven and can be quickly modified and controlled by the end user.

Responsive Design

With the rapid increase in use of smartphones and tablet devices, websites must adapt and be optimised for the multitude of different screen sizes and resolutions, from desktop to smartphones.

Email Campaigns

A remarkably cost-effective strategy for communicating with your client base and expanding it is by email marketing.
We can build a database of clients for you and send out campaigns and newsletters.
Link your site to Mailchimp for great email campaigns, by sending a personalised email to advertise and gain brand awareness. Be able to track response and sign up new customers.
Get detailed analytical data and reports for each of the campaigns and newsletters sent out.
Track these campaigns, add subscribers via Apps for iOS and Android.

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Our approach to web design

A website should help a business grow, not just be an online business card.
With that in mind an understanding of a company’s aims, target audience and prospective needs have to be understood.
For instance:

What does the company do?
What is your goal in developing a web site?
Why does your target audience need this website?
Where/how do people learn about your company/product/service?
What information do you wish to provide online?
What does your target audience care about?